Jai Ho 2 Weeks Day Wise Box Office Collection

Salman Khan's latest release Jai Ho collected Rs. 22 crore on its

second week. The two weeks total domestic box office collection of the

film is now Rs. 110.78 crore.

The film, which was collected Rs. 88.78 crore in its 1st week and Rs.

13.90 crore in 2nd weekend, added Rs. 8.10 crore in last 4 days of its

second week.

Here is total 14 days collection breakup:

1st day = Rs. 17.75 crore

2nd day = Rs. 16.68 crore

3rd day = Rs. 26.25 crore

4th day = Rs. 9.50 crore

5th day = Rs. 7.30 crore

6th day = Rs. 5.80 crore

7th day = Rs. 5.50 crore

8th day = Rs. 3.40 crore

9th day = Rs. 4.50 crore

10th day = Rs. 5.90 crore

11th day = Rs. 2.25 crore

12th day = Rs. 2.40 crore

13th day = Rs. 1.80 crore

14th day = Rs. 1.65 crore

Total 14 days collection = Rs. 110.78 crore nett.


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