Gunday 1st Week Box Office Collection

Yash Raj Banner's latest release 'Gunday' starring Ranveer Singh,

Arjun Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, has done well at box office in its

first week.

Gunday, which has made in the budget of Rs. 50 crore, has collected

Rs. 63.08 crore nett in its first week at Indian box office.

Gunday is now becomes 25th all time highest opening week grosser in

India. It also becomes Ranveer Singh's second highest opening week

grosser and Priyanka Chopra's fourth highest opening week grosser.

Here is breakup:

1st day – Rs. 16.12 crore

2nd day – Rs. 12.63 crore

3rd day – Rs. 15.18 crore

4th day – Rs. 5.85 crore

5th day – Rs. 5.15 crore

6th day – Rs. 4.53 crore

7th day – Rs. 3.62 crore

Total 1st Week Box Office Collection – Rs. 63.08 crore nett.


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