Comedy Nights With Kapil To air Only one Day a Week

Here is a sad news for all those who love India's most popular comedy

show 'Comedy Nights With Kapil'.

Kapil Nights With Kapil, which airs on Colors Television on every

Saturday and Sunday at 10 PM, will now air only one day a week.

Yes, you heard that right, it will be now aired on only Saturday or

Sunday at 10 PM.

Kapil Sharma has decided to reduce the time of his show as he wants to

focus on his first upcoming film “Bank-Chor”. Kapil had recently

signed three films with Yash Raj Films.

He confirmed the news and said that because of time constraint, they

have reverted to its one-episode-per-week format.

Here is his official statement about the show:

“By now, somehow managing my

schedules has become a habit for me. I am talking to you early in the

morning after having worked on my show for 36 hours. Doing two

episodes every week means I've to provide at least 70 minutes of

content every week. It's not easy to think up funny gags every 10

seconds. We can't afford to let our audience get bored for even a few


Well, this is Ofcourse one of the biggest bad news for all the Comedy

Nights With Kapil fans.


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