Shaadi Ke Side Effects Critics Review

Here is the movie review of this friday release Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan starrer ‘Shaadi Ke Side Effects’ by some popular bollywood critics. Check it out:


1] Taran Adarsh (Bollywood Hungama) – 3.5/5*

SHAADI KE SIDE/EFFECTS is a delicious take on contemporary relationships. This one’s relatable, heart- warming, amusing and thoroughly enjoyable!

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2] Madhureeta Mukherjee (Times Of India) – 3.5/5*

Single or married, this film will have more of a ‘special effect’ than ‘side effect’ on you.

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3] Subhash K Jha (India Times) – 4/5*

Director Saket Chaudhary raises some pertinent questions on the fake road signs that could lead to an aborted marriage. Not all of the winking homilies work. But the film holds together primarily because of the intelligent writing and the sharp and crisp way the two main actors interpret the parts of the two individuals in a marriage that has a lot going for it. That includes a baby girl who arrives just in time to get this seven-year delayed sequel trotting on the right road.

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4] Subhash K Jha (Business Standard) – 4/5*

A warm, funny, thought-provoking take on the man-woman equation, director
Saket Chaudhary gets it bang on. The
chemistry between Farhan and Vidya
crackles and hisses with tantalizing
tension. You can’t take your eyes off Farhan and Vidya. They look evenly matched and entirely yummy in their yin and yang yearnings.

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5] Manjusha Radhakrishnan (GulfNews) – 3.5/5*

the chemistry between Balan and Akhtar that keeps this romantic comedy tingling. They have an effortless chemistry and we buy into their marriage madness primarily because of their acting muscles.If you can forego such practicalities, you are good to
watch Shaadi Ke Side Effects.

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6] Mohar Basu (Koimoi) – 3/5*

In over two and half hours, the film manages to to patch up its hovels and vindicate the negatives quite effortlessly. Goes without saying that Saket quite succeed in sending us home with many heartfelt laughs and an extensively enjoyable time. For slumps and hiccups there were many inconsistent elements including a few flat tracks and a dull second half, but the pulsating chemistry of Vidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar makes this one a hard to miss indulgence of sorts!

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